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Products - Gyro Compass

SG Brown Meridian Gyro Compass:- The SGB Meridian is a compact 24Vdc, north seeking gyro, with a fast settling time of 45 minutes. The compact display can be installed within the compass assembly or as a remote unit, giving the compass true flexibility. Read more..... SG Brown Meridian Gyro Compass
SG Brown 2000 Fibre Optic Gyro Compass:- The SGB2000 has been designed to satisfy the demand for rugged, high performance solid state gyrocompass by using high grade inertial sensing elements with exceptionally high shock-rating and MTFB. SGB2000 Fibre Optic Gyro
Simrad GC80 Gyro Compass:- The Simrad GC80 Gyro Compass comes with a choice of control units to suit vessels individual requirements. The GC80 is ideal for new installations or retrofits. The standard range of interfaces can easily be expanded to provide signals for all vessel applications. Read more..... Simrad GC80  Gyro Compass
Anschutz Standard 22 Gyro Compass:- The Standard 22 has been designed to meet IMO requirements, and can easily be integrated to any bridge system. Read more..... Anschutz Standard 22 Gyro Compass
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